Palabres #1

Recordings, sound installtion

Parcours d'artistes, Maison du livre, Brussels, 2016

Pelgrim's Spirit, collective exhibition, Brussels, 2017

Palabres is a collection of samples of what I call "popular semantics". It questions the place of speech and the weight of words in today's world. Started a few years ago with my family, it takes the form of participatory sound projects, where people are led to define lists of words. Recorded separately, their voices are then mixed together to give rise to plural and subjective definitions.

What significance do we give to our speeches today, and what meaning to our words?
Every people and every individual has a language, not only to communicate but also to understand, analyze and, if necessary, protest.
At a time of globalization, while a common thought seems to dominate, I wanted to know what my family members, who live in France and Chile, could tell me about certain aspects of the present world. I ask them to give me the meaning of several words which seems interesting to me.

Palabres #3

Soundwork, installation

Pelgrim's spirit collective exhibition, Brussels, 2017

Thinking, saying, listening to the world.

A group of people, gathered every week for the pleasure of vocal expression.

Ten current, important words, so simple and common that one no longer seeks to know what they mean.

Palabres #4

Participatory oral project at La Maison des Enfants

With the the children, the students of literacy classes, and the workers of the MDE

Bruxelles, 2017-2020, exhibition at la Boutique Culturelle

With the precious help and motivation of the whole MDE team.

What do we mean, when we talk?

How do we choose our words?

Do we all mean the same thing, by using the same word?

How to say what we want when we don't have the words we need?


Immigrants learning about french, children learnig about life, and workers learning about otherness, reflect on the words they use, to express their concerns.