Ethymological and acoustic research. Ongoing.

From where and from when do we speak?
Where do languages and words came from?
From which peoples, from which territories?
What were their journeys?
What bodies transported them?

Several projects exploring transformations of voices and words, from one time or space to another.


Soundworks, installations, collective residency and exhibition. L'Escaut, Brussels, June-Sept 2020

With Sylvie Pichrist, Sylvie Rodriguez, Boryana Todorova.

Water *wórd

Sound installation, Curiouser#9, Saint-Leonard-on-Sea (GB), June 2019

With the precious and kind collaboration of Andrew M. Byrd, linguist and phonologist, professor at University of Kentucky.

Une était la langue

Writing, etymology, phonology. Ongoing.

Une était la langue. in Revue Sabir N°2, 2020.

Une était la langue. In Rosa Rosa Rosae exhibition catalog. Coming soon.