In between

Installation, sound, video, dance, poetry.

Avec Muhiba Botan, Nadine Baboy, invitées par l'association Mangoo Pickles, dans le cadre du projet La Vitrine, Bruxelles, 2017.

"In Between" is an artistic collaboration that takes a closer look at the common experience of people from diasporas who live between different cultures/worlds: in this case Europe and their culture of origin or that of their parents.  
While members of diasporas are perceived as "outsiders" by Westerners, some of them may also be judged too "westernized" by their diaspora peers.
We then observe a phenomenon of cultural uprooting which manifests itself by forgetting the language, the lack of practice of the customs of the country of origin, etc... In addition, people from diasporas are confronted with discrimination and prejudice.

These confusing experiences create a feeling of not finding their place in these different worlds and of living in a world "in between".Through dance, video and sound, the artists recreate this strange and familiar world.