R.W. Premier et deuxième dialogues

Theater, two shows inspired by Robert Walser's work, staged by Pascal Crochet, Brussels, 2009-2010.

Scenography assistant with Satu Peltoniemi.

In this  project, Pascal Crochet works on the fragment, the fragility. This is how he translates in both shows, the Robert Walser's special relationship with the world. He pays attention to the slightest little things in life, he exalts everything, for him, nothing matters and everything is beautiful.

Réalisation © Julie FAUCHET

The scenery is like a temporary installation, poor and wobbly, as a praise of discretion, modesty, or even mediocrity celebrated by the author.
Wood and cardboard removable panels structure the set, transforming it into a city, a street, a forest, a room. Manipulated by the actors, they hide, reveal, surprise. A colorful, bright and moving universe is constructed and deconstructed visibly throughout the show.


R.W. Premier dialogue.

Prix du meilleur spectacle. Prix de la Critique 2009.

 R.W. Deuxième dialogue.