Lúdico Circo da Memória (Playful circus of memory)

Theater, staged by Chico Medeiros et Tiche Vianna, as part of the Officinão project. Belo-Horizonte, Brazil, 2007.

Scenography assistant with Inès Linke.

A director is trying to orchestrate a show around four characters and their memories, but figures from the memory of those characters gradually invade the set and transform the story.

Four modules arranged in a "magic box", closed with curtains.
At first, the audience is facing a large white tulle wall plunged into the darkness.
This magic box is the scenery of the Director of the play. In its history, four characters navigate between reality, fantasies and memories.
From the magic box, figures emerge from these other worlds, apparitions, shadows, arising behind a curtain, jumping from a tower, climbing or running on a staircase.