Bom Retiro, 958m

Itinerant urban show, Cie Teatro da Vertigem, São Paulo, 2012.

Scenography team

The Bom Retiro  quarter was the basis of the group's investigative work. Issues such as the different migratory flows, working conditions or consumption, drugs, are emerging in this show which takes place throughout 958 meters in the streets, in the mall, or in the old theater of this district of São Paulo.

The Teatro da Vertigem gives to the locations he chose for his creations, a meaning, a role, interfering in the staging, the dramaturgy ... and especially in the scenography. Therefore, the different creators have to embrace the original spaces they occupy, while giving them a new dramatic dimension. The sets, light, or sound bend to the constraints of the urban space and its mishaps, while using its extraordinary narrative potential.