Talk room #2

Sound installation, Brussels, The sound week, January 2019.

A visual and sound story, based on memories and a special interest for children's relationship to language.


Conceived as a performance, the immersive installation comes alive only by and for the speactator. Entering the mind of a child, he share his impressions and emotions.

The character of this story is a Bulgarian woman who was immersed in a Russian-speaking envi- ronment at a very young age, and finally became fully bilingual with French, as a teenager.


From flashes, sensations, events with imprecise chronology that have been reported to me, I intent to reconstruct a narrative in which the reality and my interpretation of the facts merge. From a fluid relation to the Russian language, close to hers and om- nipresent, in which she says she could «swim», my character will then be confronted with the concreteness of a laborious French learning process, compared to a roller- compressor.


Here, the space-time is entirely made of anachronism, the sound as well as the deco- ration, are a condensed of several years and places of living. The light ambiant refers to a more realistic temporality, the changing brightness of a sky through the window.