Parle avec Elle!...

the child who didn't speak her mothern language.

Sound, light, and scenografic installation for one spectator.

Brussels. Atelier 340, 2011. Pok, La Semaine du Son, 2018-2019.

With the generous collaboration of Florence Richard, Raymond Delepierre, Raúl Carrera.

Self-fiction based on memories and a special interest for children's relationship to language, Parle avec Elle! is an installation that explores the immersive and narrative possibilities of scenography and sound combined.


Conceived as a performance, it comes alive only by and for the viewer. The spectator enters the bedroom and mind of a virtual child, and shares his fantasies and emotions. 

A sound space...

After passing through a narrow corridor in the dark, the spectator enters a tiny child room. The child, hidden under the bed, is whispering his anguish ...
"Hello? Hello?" Around the small room with porous walls, voices awaken one by one, and cause a terrible nightmare.

How to evoke the feeling, unclear and precise at the same time, of remembering? How to bring back to life a world without reducing it to a few photographs that will draw false contours? The images freeze imagination, guide the interpretation. The sound is a free and wide dimension, it does not spread out in space, privileged dimension of our references, but in time. Temporality of things escapes us.
The sound is, for me, an imagination trigger: it can be small and cause a multitude of visions and sensations. The spectator enters the imagination of the invisible child. Imagination that turns a simple conversation into a disturbing, fantastic, invasive experience.
Multicasting enables the creation of various sound plans and spaces. Some are close, clear, other distant, others imperceptible, others unbearable ...

Atelier 340, Brussels, 2011

Pok Library, Brussels, 2018.