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Sound installation, Festival Monde et merveilles, Liège, 2016

With a list of many countries, I walk in Brussel's streets asking a simple question: "What does this country evoke for you ?". Recording of their answers are combined to create an oral and collective portrait of the country.

Memories, stories, imagination, collective memory, information ... our mind has many resources to cross distance and think about the world. In this project, I want to highlight this ability to travel mentally and think "elsewhere".

Europe has been regarded for a long time by his own resident, as the world center. It has carried a lot of travelers who reported stories and pictures ... Over the centuries, European society made a habit of exploring, describing, studying, explaining the world outside Europe, and cultivated a taste for the "exoticism".

Several countries on four continents outside Europe are described in these soundtracks but never directly mentioned. Listeners may try to guess the location in question, or not ...

What are the countries...?