"Caned identities"

Experimental interactive project. On going...

Experiences, different forms, interviews, workshops, with Nora Kasa-Vubu.

What is identity? Is it single, multiple or shared? Is it cultural or national? Is it official? Is it objective or subjective? Is it even definable?

Couldn't we stop trying to box it up?

"Se faire mettre en boîte" literally "to be boxed, to be canned" ... this expression dates from 1910. It is a picture to speak of someone who can not defend himself in an unpleasant conversation and by extension, to speak of mockery or provocation.
We chose as a definition, to support our purpose, the one of Maurice Rat: "To box: make it impossible for a person to replicate, to get herself out of a situation."
We understand here that the immobilization, the confinement, refers to the helplessness of the person concerned.

We add to this expression another meaning, which is based on its original meaning: to literally put something in a box, in a can. The point is to stop an evolutionary process (rotting, for example) and standardize the product (for commercial or other purposes).

When it comes to identity, "canning" may seem convenient to approach strangers, but it is very unconfortable for those who are branded this way.